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He’s not exactly like this one, it’s set a little way in the future after a bad turn and he’s gone back to being savage.

So, uh, yeah… Go follow him… Please?

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First person to say “Mine now” in the ask box owns me for 3 days


“This should be fun.”

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okay, so

i’m gonna be skyping with my girlfriend soon

and i look like shit



while i go shower and make myself pretty




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Describe me in one word on anonymous.
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Tobias’s lips pull up into one of his much brighter smiles as he gazes down at Shock, “That’s good… I was hoping you’d say that.” He nods his head and gently returns the kiss, closing his eyes, “No… But that’s why I wanted you to meet him. So you could give him a name.” Tobias chuckles lightly, poking the puppy’s nose affectionately. “I’ve just been calling him Squirt.”


“We can call him Hunter..or Sirius.” She tilted her head, placing a kiss on the dog’s nose. “Or whatever you’d like. But he’ll have to stay here. If I brought him home with me God only knows what the boys would do.”


Tobias pauses a moment to think, before nodding. “Sirius. I like it.” He nods his head and chuckling faintly, before frowning a bit. “If he has to stay here… Then, why don’t you stay here too. He’ll miss you… Hell, we’ll miss you.”

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